Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tools that help me grow... maybe it'll help you too!

Good morning world! This week I have decided to utilize a tool that was essential for me in the past. In 2007 I made a life choice. I chose to live healthier. My thought process what if not now then WHEN? There were people around me dropping the pounds and feeling good about themselves and I kept envying them. I looked at them and thought why can't I do that? Confidence was a bit part of my problem. That motivation worked. I changed my life. I started tracking my food. I still enjoyed food, but I had a tool to help me be accountable. I made friends in a weightloss accountability group. I lost 55 lbs on my own by walking and eating healthier. Fast forward to 2016. Yes, I lost my way. I have been the Yo-Yo dieter of the century. I have tried various ways that help lose weight for a time, but it was not permanent. I kept going back to my habits.

Where did I go wrong?

Emotional eating, and accountability.

I found something that WORKS! I became a member of an amazing accountability group. Then I created a group locally. I have made new friends that truly help support me, and I help support them. Everyone in there is trying something different, and it is working. Not because of the program, but because of the support. When one of us falls... we lift each other up.

My goals I have been working on and working with, I hope it helps:

1. Believe in yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT!
2. Find a group for accountability, support, recipes, sharing your dreams and goals.
3. Log your food! (My fav app is sparkpeople, they have a great database and some people are better on paper, I am better on technology)
4. Share your heart and struggles.... you will get the support you need.... do not be ashamed of backsliding.
5. Find a product that works. I have had many different protein drinks that tastes yucky! I love Shakeology. I joined as a coach not to make money but to save money. I love the product it is worth the money.