Tuesday, October 18, 2016

You cannot control me....

It has been sometime.  I have allowed other people to impact me.  I have allowed others to tirade on my parade here. I refuse to allow it any longer. I enjoy blogging. It has been a great source of release for me.  When I allow others to impact my form of therapy that is just senseless.  I will not stand for it.

Today I want to discuss confidence.  This is a topic I tend to come back to quite a bit.  I need more, you may need more.  Learning to build confidence is such an important life skill.We need to learn to build confidence within ourselves and others.  Especially those mini others.  I believe in my girls, I believe I am a major source of building their confidence and contrary to some parents beliefs. I believe they need to earn their stripes.  So many children today just expect to be WINNERS.  They get a false sense of confidence and guess what when the big bad world of reality stops protecting them. These children grow up and get knocked on their butts! They were given a false sense of accomplishment and that my friends is a disservice. You allow your children to fail, you show them how to pick themselves back up and learn those hard life lessons early on. You give them an opportunity to grow in their learning and THAT is what will truly provide them confidence. You don't ignore them and their need to be lifted up. We all need to be lifted up. Chances are you being supportive in their failures will result in them being stronger and more capable of facing the real hardships they will face in life.

As for me, I was not a confident child but I was a stubborn one. I lack somewhat in the confidence area.  Funny how easy it is for me to look to build my babies up, but when it comes to myself it seems so much harder. Typing this out has already given me a great deal of persepective that I certainly needed.  I am not different.  There is no candy coating it. I need to believe in ME to conquer the goals I have set before me.  That is the only way. I keep hoping for a miracle to magically drop the weight I have gained. I keep hoping the work outs will work as I binge eat.  Guess what Danielle.... THAT DOES NOT WORK.  You need to believe in your ability to let go of the sweets.  Own your addiction to eating badly and move forward from it!  Working out is great!  You have to eat to fuel your workouts not to binge and counteract them!  You need to come up with a plan.  STICK TO IT!  Do not allow the sugar filled tastebuds destroy your hopes and dreams with your weightloss journey.  Be an example to your kids. Show them what health looks like and they will learn those GOOD habits not the bad ones you have been displaying for the last 2-3 years.  They see the struggle I go through, they see the binge eating.

I truly needed to write this out.. thank you for allowing me to have a pep talk moment.  It has been real... now it is time to put words into actions!

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